What we do

Autism Spectrum Reach is a non-profit organisation whose purpose is to improve the lives of autistic children around the globe.

We were founded on the idea that autistic children deserve more.

Through this platform, we:

Inform the public about autism

for free, so that anyone can learn more about autism in their native language.

Contribute to important autism research

that supports and seeks to improve holistic autism care.

Raise the bar
of awareness
about autism

across the globe, so that people can better understand and care for autistic children.
what we do
We work around the globe. Partnering with incredible experts, researchers, caregivers and community members internationally, we continue to support as many autistic children as possible.
We provide constant access to free online resources in multiple languages for all that can access them…
and on-the-ground support and education around the world for those who can’t.
Our Three pillars
We believe that education is one of the most important factors in driving real change. We want to educate as many people as possible about autism, so that everyone can do their bit to improve an autistic person’s life.
Importantly, autism care starts from the inner circle. Rather than relying solely on teachers, doctors, social workers or other caregivers, family-centred interventions are an essential part of a holistic, sustainable approach to autism care.  

Yet, a lot of the knowledge that we need to action this often sits behind walls, available only to the few. At Autism Spectrum Reach, we believe that education should be a right, not a privilege. We break down these walls by sharing important information about autism for free in multiple languages.
We believe that improving care starts with improving our understanding of autism. That’s why we contribute to industry-leading research that supports holistic autism care and neurodiversity.
We partner with researchers and experts internationally, contributing to science-backed studies that aim to improve the daily lives of autistic people. We have recently supported studies into the social condition of autism, as well as the Birkbeck University of London team’s research into early marker tools that aim to provide earlier autism diagnosis.

Similarly, we’ve been working with researchers on studies that support our six pillars of care, such as studies by the University of Cambridge on the impact of food and nutrition on cognitive development.

We’re always looking for new ways that our organisation can help improve the quality of life of autistic people. The Autism Spectrum Reach community itself is an incomparable platform that provides powerful global autism data, indispensable to researchers all over the world.
Raising the bar of autism awareness around the world is crucial to bettering the daily lives of autistic people, particularly in areas with restricted access to information.
We work with local organisations around the world, assisting them in finding ways to broaden the understanding of autism in their communities.

For example, we collaborate in organising important awareness events, connecting the community with specialist speakers and experts who can support them in their understanding of autism and holistic care.

We create information packs for remote communities with little to no access to electricity and online knowledge, so they can manage their own autism interventions and strategies for their children.  

We also help upskill local healthcare professionals on new, evidence-based methods for autistic children and provide transport links for children to reach specialists.