chapter 1


Shangwe is a mother who wanted to do more for her autistic child and others in her community in Tanzania.
chapter 2
“My husband divorced me simply because of my autistic child, my first-born. The whole world turned upside down…
despite being called all bad names and unbearable misconceptions, I choose to stand firm for my son's sake.”
Shangwe came to Autism Spectrum Reach with incredible ideas, wanting to make a huge impact on her local community. Yet she lacked financial support or the resources she needed to put them into practice.
chapter 3
Our partnership has enabled her to:
Raise awareness about autism to the wider community
Provide accessible education about autism to parents
Link autistic children to specialists for their care needs
Deliver training to caregivers themselves, so that they can better care for autistic children
Offer counselling to parents who have experienced difficulties
Supply food and shelter, cover school fees and health insurance, as well as give wheelchairs to children in need.
chapter 4
Fast forward two years, and Shangwe has won multiple awards. She is the executive director of the autism charity she founded, Living Together Autistic Foundation (Li-TAFO), and has featured on national television.
She is also the author of “The victorious journey of a mother raising a child with autism”, a book that educates other parents on how they can step in to transform their own child’s life.
She is currently building a school for 200 children with autism, which will provide holistic care, including education and medical care, as well as behavioural, music, speech, and occupational therapies.
“Shangwe is an incredible woman who has done amazing work for her local community and beyond. We are continuously collaborating with other like-minded soldiers of good around the world, supporting them in raising awareness, providing education and making a tangible difference in their societies.”
GAbriela Gocheva
founder of autism spectrum reach
reach out
If you want to raise awareness about autism in your community, or know someone like Shangwe who needs some support in succeeding in their mission, please get in contact.